9 Boxes of Mackerel by Kyle


We left the harbour in the evening and took our boat “Red Hackle” out to the east side of Whitehills. The crew on board were Disco, Ronnie, Hamish and me. We dropped our lines, here but only caught one or two Mackerel and we thought we might give-up and head home. We then we decided to go over towards Fraserburgh and try our luck there. On the way we ate our sandwiches and had a good laugh.

When we arrived there were about five or six other boats in the area, none were very near us though. We let out the hand-lines that we use, each has eighteen hooks on it and are reusable.   We couldn’t believe it when we pulled the lines in and the Mackerel just kept coming! We took them off the lines either by hand or machine. We finished with nine boxes – probably the most we have ever caught in one outing!

We took them to Fraserburgh market about 12.30am, and we were really pleased to get a good price for our catch. We then came home as it was late and very dark; we got back home about 2am. It was a brilliant!

IMG_0358 IMG_0303 IMG_0354