Bachlaw Receives Glowing Report from Care Inspectorate – again!

In November 2015 Bachlaw Projects underwent an unannounced inspection from The Care Inspectorate

The Care Inspectorate assesses the quality of care and support delivered to the young people, the environment in which they live and the management and leadership. Bachlaw Projects has again received “excellent” in these areas. A spokesperson for Bachlaw Projects said; “Our staff team are highly motivated and truly dedicated to the young people, and take an active interest in their lives and futures”. Bachlaw Projects offers 24/7 care for young people aged 8-18 who live with them in their two units; one based rurally in Cornhill, where the learning centre offering education is based, and the other in the town of Banff. The concluding comments from the report were, “Bachlaw provides excellent care, support and opportunities for young people. The staff who work there are extremely committed to young people and do their best to help them realise their potential.” Most recently Bachlaw Projects has been invited by the government at Westminster to take part, as one of the experts in their field, in a Parliamentary Review on Social Care.