Bachlaw Young People Holiday North Yorkshire 2016

This year saw our young people venture to the North York Moors and surrounding area for their summer holiday.  They took in many sights and had a wonderful time staying at a farmhouse.  Below are two stories written by two of our young people about their experience.

Summer Holiday by Aimee

For our summer holiday we were informed that we would be going to Yorkshire, we were told with plenty of notice so that we could be prepared.

When the morning of the holiday arrived we were given an early shout, which wasn’t great because I had gotten used to a later morning wakeup call in the school holiday. We had a chilled out morning before beginning our journey to Yorkshire. We arrived at 10.30pm, we were allocated our rooms and got settled in.

Our first outing was to Whitby where we investigated everywhere, Whitby is a seaside town. We went to visit the ruins of Whitby Abbey which is the most celebrated sight of North Yorkshire. Whitby Abbey has a resemblance to Dracula’s Castle. Visiting Whitby was interesting.

The second day was spent at the house we were staying at, playing table tennis, pool and some people who wanted to went in the hot tub.

The third day was hectic, the options were, in the morning a tour of Newcastle Football Stadium or shopping at the Metro Centre. Then in the afternoon we all had the option of swimming or going to the Beamish Museum. I chose to go shopping and swimming. I loved swimming.

On the fourth day of our holiday we went to Flamingo Land, we arrived early, it was really busy. There were a lot of funny times, for example when I went on the ride ‘Hero’ I lost my shoe and the ride had to stop!

We went back to Flamingo Land on the fifth day and we all just went on our favourite rides or to see the animals again.

Hectic day number two, we walked around town then went to Scarborough castle, it is a former Medieval royal fortress situated on a rocky hill overlooking the North Sea and Scarborough.

Day seven was sports day, everyone who competed did exceptionally well. My favourite part of sports day was competing in the sprinting and long jump.

My favourite part of the holiday was going swimming because I love swimming and being in the water.

I liked the holiday, it was a good experience, good weather and we all had a good laugh and a really good holiday.

Summer Holidays by Logan

In the holidays we travelled to England and stayed near Whitby and Scarborough, we stayed near York at a place called Manor House Farm.  The house had lots of bedrooms, a pool room, table tennis room and a field to play football on. We visited Whitby and Whitby Castle that look like Dracula’s Castle.  We also spent two days in Flamingo Land where we went on lots of rides. My favourite ride was the Kumali, it was thrilling and scary. On one of those days we did a sports day. Ryan and Curtis came first, I came second and Jamie came third, this was my first holiday with Bachlaw and I really enjoyed it, can’t wait for the next one.