Brighter Horizons Opens Doors for Community Event

On Saturday 5th December Brighter Horizons, opened its doors for a Christmas Fair. Many local companies supported the event and gave donations of prizes or lent furniture or a pair of hands!

A spokesperson for Brighter Horizons said; “A huge thank you must go to so many people and businesses who have helped in some way. We are here to be an active part of the community for all age groups and the fayre was a great kick-off to other events planned for 2016”. The hall on Institution Street was full of all ages of the community and there were lots to see. Special thanks go to Santa who gave up his busy schedule to come along and speak to all the girls and boys. A local group of singers came along a made everyone feel festive too. Brighter Horizons new website is now up and running, you can access it at: or sign-up to their Facebook page.