In the Community

Bachlaw in the Community service works with young people and their families to address issues that are causing concern or limiting the young person’s potential, and to try and prevent the young person becoming accommodated.  This could involve working with young people who have trauma, abuse, pain-based or challenging behaviours.

Each young person referred to the service will have an individual support package created for them, which will help them develop skills in self-regulation and build resilience. The support package will compliment any existing programmes of work and may range from a few hours of support each week, to more intensive plans which see a young person supported to maintain their mainstream education placement, and to remain at home with their families.

Bachlaw in the Community will also work with young people who are moving on from residential placements, including secure placements, to help them successfully re-establish their lives in their local community and avoid returning to the circumstances which led to them being accommodated.

This service is designed to be a short term intervention and so young people will generally receive support for up to three months from Bachlaw in the Community but in certain circumstances this support may be increased to six months.

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