Open Day 2015


The weather forecast was not great for the Friday that was to be our annual Open Day. The Thursday had seen us putting up the marquee, and with the latest weather announcements we were pleased that we had one! Our Open Day is always a time to celebrate our successes throughout the previous year. This year was no exception. There were many awards for both young people and staff alike and congratulations were warmly given to all who worked so hard.

The bouncy castle was a huge hit as always with everyone and our young people had a great time and even managed to entice some staff members into their antics! We had a scavenger hunt which everyone enjoyed, with some really ingenious thinking behind many of the articles that were collected. Brighter Horizons and Lillies Kindergarten put on informative displays and their staff were available to answer questions and present projects and ideas.

The food was fabulous and cooked by Disco and his crew and greatly appreciated by all.

….. And that weather? Well it stayed dry until moments after we finished then the skies opened, but not a moment before all had experienced a great day and caught up with friends and family.

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