An Outstanding Report From the Care Inspectorate

An Outstanding Report From the Care Inspectorate

Bachlaw Projects receives an unannounced inspection each year. This year it took place in August 2017, just before our Annual Open Day.

We, again, received Excellent across the board for the standard of care provided, support given and management and leadership along with a Very Good for staffing. We were delighted with the results from the inspection.

The Care Inspectorate is a regulatory body that was set up in April 2011 by the Scottish Government to oversee the standards of care, children’s services and child protection.

Bachlaw Projects has been recognised as “Providing excellent care, support and opportunities for young people. The staff who work there are extremely committed to young people and do their best to help them realise their potential.” “The service provided a high standard of care and support, based on strong relationships and an understanding of the individual needs of young people.”

The Care Inspectorate also highlighted that “The service continued to support young people by creating opportunities to meet their changing needs. This has been evident at previous inspections and continued to be evident at this one. Young people had shaped the future of the service through their needs and interests. This included employment within the organisation for a young adult and the planned addition to the animals at the service to include horses.”

The inspector also commented on our staff team recognising “The staff team were highly committed to young people feeling safe and cared for and to doing well in their lives.”

The full care inspectorate report can be found on the Care Inspectorates website.