Respite Care For Children

Young people who are referred to this service will usually be on voluntary or statutory supervision.

Respite care is provided for children and young people and is usually a one off referral to enable practitioners to stabilise a family or a placement, or a regular pattern of respite to support existing services. Action plans will be designed to support children and young people to manage their behaviour within their long term placement or home environment and can include planned work to address specific issues.

The respite programmes created for each individual will account for their interests and abilities and will promote skills development and resilience. Programmes may also include a variety of activities which are new to the young person offering the chance for challenge and achievement, such as outdoor pursuits and fishing in our boat ‘Venture West’. All respite packages will be designed to compliment any existing programmes of work.

Young people who are referred for our respite service will usually be on voluntary or statutory supervision and will be referred by their social worker or lead professional.

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