Spring Comes Early to Bachlaw – by Kyle

Bachlaw has a small flock of Soay Sheep.  They came from two different places, some came from Wick and the others from Yorkshire.  There are two rams and sixteen ewes.  We hoped to breed them and expected the lambs to be born in April.

What a surprise on Saturday 16th January when Zip gave birth to twins!  I called them Alpha and Annabel.  I was allowed to choose the name as Zip was my sheep.  The ram, called Gregor, is the father.  One of the staff told me that the lambs were born and I was taken directly to see them.  At first I could only look at them as they were so small and delicate.  They were feeding from their mother and wagging their tails.

If felt good as Zip seemed healthy and content.  In the evening Jeff and I stayed up feeding the twin lambs.  We got up three times in the night for more feeding.  Even though I lost my beauty sleep it was good to help Jeff with the new arrivals.  On the Sunday Zea also gave birth to a male called Alister.