A Successful Summer of Showing Our Sheep


Summer Sheep Shows – by Kyle

This summer we took Seaview’s Soay sheep to three different farm shows.  The three shows we went to were Keith Show, Turriff Show and the Black Isle Show. The sheep we showed were Annabel, Almost, Alfonso, Alfa, Angel, Anastasia, Zing and Zea.  My two favourites would be Angel and Almost.  Angel is a charming white all over with brown dots.  Almost got his name because he almost died when he was born.

Overall we won 16 rosettes, with three 2nd places this year.  I have to say that the Black Isle Show and the Turriff Show were a lot better than the Keith Show – it was just a bit small.  I enjoyed all three shows, showing the sheep with Hamish and Richard.  I like to see them getting their prizes and hearing what the judge thought about them.

After the judging we went back to the pens and fed and watered them, then went for a walk to find our Stockman’s Tea.  We got a cup of tea plus a buttery.

I think that the longest day out has probably been the Black Isle Show because you had to be there by 8.00am, so it was a 4.15am shout to get up.  For Turriff Show I had to get up at 7.15am and the same for Keith Show.

As I have said I really do enjoy working with Richard who knows “heaps” about animals and so I help out as much as I can because I like the sheep.  It is important to have them looking nice for the shows.

Me and Richard have to wash, brush, clean hooves, and look after them and make sure that they are looking lovely for the shows.