Unannounced Care Inspection 2018


Each year Bachlaw Projects have an unannounced inspection from the Care Inspectorate.

Our most recent inspection was in August 2018. We were inspected on ‘Care and Support’ and ‘Management and Leadership’. We were awarded Grade 6 (excellent) for both themes. We are extremely proud of our inspection history which shows we are providing consistently high standards of care.

The inspector reported that ‘young people were doing extremely well’ She also commented that ‘young people were loved and cared for in a supportive, nurturing environment’

Our staff team were also praised for their management and leadership which was ‘exceptionally strong’. The inspector said ‘All the senior staff demonstrated immense passion, enthusiasm and commitment to positive outcomes for young people, and expected the same high standard from all the staff’.

Our full inspection report can be found on the Care Inspectorate Website.