Zimbabwe Trip – April 2019


Hamish and Marcus made the journey back to Zimbabwe to help the local community of Nemauku.

Brighter Horizons is currently in the process of building a Community Centre which will bring security to the small village of Nemauku. The Centre is progressing well and the work is well underway. While there, our team of volunteers helped to transport the gravel to the building site. The foundations are now complete and the team looked around shops in Harare for items that might be of interest for the interior of the Centre once the building is finished.

They also met with the 20 kids who are on our scholarship programme at Nemauku Primary, they are all doing well and working hard.

We also sponsor 4 young people through high school and boarding school. One of them is Tracey, which is now first in her whole year at St Anthonys. Primrose, another at St Anthonys, has also passed all 8 O level subjects. Alphas was recently selected to be sponsored at St Anthonys. Alphas showed great potential at Nemauku Primary and we are sure he will do well with his studies. We also sponsor Kudzia through a local high school. We provided resources for his studies along with clothing for him.

The pair also met with Chief Ndanga, Area Head, Village Heads, Wad leadership, local councilors and other leaders to share their vision for the community in Zimbabwe. They have been granted freedom to do as they please and the chief pledged his support of our project. They also had a productive meeting with MP Honorable Svuure in Harare. They shared their plans for Zimbabwe and he promised to support Brighter Horizons through the next few years.

Brighter Horizons plan to return in August.

More information and videos from the trip can be found on Brighter Horizons Zimbabwe Facebook page.