Zimbabwe Trip – December 2019


We returned to Zimbabwe in December 2019. This was the first time we have visited the village of Nemauku so late in the year. We were warmly greeted and received gifts of chickens and a Christmas cake!

It was the school holidays for Nemauku Primary but our group still received a lovely welcome from all the children. We checked on the progress of the primary scholarship group and picked 6 new children to join the programme, as some of the boys and girls we previously supported had finished primary 7. The 6 new children are called Mercy, Kenias, Mdudusi, Christopher, Charity and Grace. We wish them all the best as they start their scholarship.

We also looked around Gutu Mission School and Church. We were very impressed by what we saw and have made a decision to change the High school that our boarding students will attend from now on.

We took one of the school boarders to hospital to receive expert medical treatment for a lump on his neck. He had been troubled by it from when he was very young but it was getting worse and affecting his everyday life. He has since recovered and is doing well.

One of our main projects in Zimbabwe is building the community centre. We checked in on its progress and were delighted to see the roof was going on! We hope it will not be too long before it can open.

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