Brighter Horizons

Brighter Horizons is a locally based not for profit organisation formed to support young people and their families in the Banff Academy catchment area. We aim to deliver interventions through a series of programmes, in which young people and their families are encouraged to learn, grow and become involved in. We aim to provide social, spiritual, learning and recreational opportunities.
We deliver this through four services:

Community Projects are needs-led and child-centred projects that are aimed at the heart of the community. Some of the ways in which they are offered are; drop in sessions, issue based groups, young people forums and group and individual sessions.
Youth exchanges encourage global citizenship, with education programmes enabling young people to develop an in-depth understanding of different cultures, the world and their place within a global community.

Our fostering service aims to provide consistent and stable care, in which a child can be effectively supported, nurtured and allowed to thrive in a family setting. The provision of overarching support guidance and training is offered from the wider organisation.
Young people have access to local spiritual and church services that provide a safe space to explore issues of religion and spirituality. This space also offers a service to those of faith or non-faith for blessings, weddings and funerals.

For more information about Brighter Horizons, contact: