Training & Consultancy Services

Bachlaw Projects can provide training opportunities and consultancy services to other organisations. We want to share knowledge and experience to help others develop their skills and improve their practice, so that outcomes for young people are improved. The courses offered connect theory with real practice situations and are held in Banffshire (or elsewhere on request).

Consultancies are offered to:

Agencies setting up new projects and existing organisations to ensure that the service meets the needs of young people whilst minimising risks. The consultants can make assessments and offer solutions to identified difficulties.

Training and Consultancy Team:

The team consists of five qualified social workers and five teachers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with children with social, emotional and behavioural problems, including managing challenging behaviour and working with trauma.

They have combined practice experience of more than one hundred years including work with local authorities, the voluntary sector and the private sector at basic grade, management and senior management levels. Additional qualifications held include, child protection awards, practice teaching awards, management qualifications and instructor’s awards in managing challenging behaviour and physical intervention.

The Training and Consultancy Team recognise the importance of remaining connected with the realities of residential childcare and of being able to link theory with live practice experiences and so continue to work directly with young people on a regular basis. The Training and Consultancy Team share a passion for working with the most vulnerable and often challenging young people, sharing knowledge of ‘what works’.

What we do